"He could stay with someone he loves, knowing that he will eventually be discarded, or he could flee to a world where he could be pampered forever, but without the love that he was built for.

That is a real choice, a real question.”

-Ed Catmull, Creativity, Inc.

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Hi everyone!!
The last bit of summer is almost here and its bitter/sweet for me. I love autumn and im excited its almost here but at the same time i dont want summer to leave just yet. :( Eitherway im trying to enjoy this lovely weather in atlanta. Today’s post is a casual look i thought i should share. I love this colorful blazer and decided to pair it with some denims. Your regular jeans can be worn however you want it. This is how im wearing mine today. “Simple Chic and on the Go” Enjoy! ♥
Have a great week

Top: H & M

Jeans: Forever 21

Blazer: Marshalls

Shoes: Nine West

Necklace : Vintage (thrifted)

I’m trying not to reblog everyone of her outfits …it’s so hardd though. She’s absolutely stunning and I’m in love with her style.